About Maya

My life has given me many opportunities to grow and evolve through a variety of different experiences and challenges. Just like a labyrinth, the journey for me has always been about my inner world, which is generally a mirror for our outer world.

As I continue to move forward, I hear the soft voice of Spirit continuously guiding me, bringing me to the next experience that will help me evolve emotionally and spiritually. Each experience reconnects me to the Divine and intern my heart continues to expand and bring me into a place of truth.

Over time, I've come to understand, that everyone is on a spiritual path and is dictated by their own consciousness. Therefore, there is no need to fix or judge, instead we just allow. What is left is pure love, compassion and understanding.

I came into my gifts in my late twenties. Although I always had strong intuition, I did not use my inner compass as my guidance until much later in life - Part of life lesson's!! The more I became clear and processed my emotional blockage, the stronger I became with my gift and eventually started trusting. These lesson's create the foundation for who we eventually become.

Years ago, I was lucky to work for a company that provided massages and Reiki for their employees as well as numerous opportunities to expand your spiritual awareness. I decided to have a Reiki treatment and it became very apparent that this was something so special and I wanted to be part of the energy on a bigger level. Within a short time, I took Reiki Level 1 and within a few months took Reiki Level 11. Life really started to change as I became more connected and allowed the new energy to balance my life. Each step I took, lead me to the next thing I needed to help me grow and with time, my portfolio encompassed my Aromatherapy Certification.

During the changes, I found myself looking for a support group but was not able to find one in my area. This is how the Women's Healing Circle was created. Spirit always guided me and eventually it became apparent that I was ready to take on the responsibility of being a Reiki Master. I now teach Reiki and provide all my students with on-going support as well as Reiki gatherings to help them expand their own knowledge and growth.

Supporting the community through Hospice, Reiki, mentoring through a Women's Healing Circle, are all part of the service I offer which has always been my passion. It is through our own overcoming that we can show the way to others.

With endless love

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