Yogalaya ~ The Space to Be

Yogalaya means the space or place in which to experience Yoga that realized union encompassing and enjoining body, mind, breath and spirit), a space that is completely portable and available to all.

I have had amazing opportunities to study with quite an array of teachers. The lineages and paths I have taken with my yoga, anatomical and philosophical studies have certainly influenced the teacher I am today.

I provide an effective and supportive space. At the end of a class I take the much needed time to deliver a sound Savasana for all of this beautiful and effective work to really sink in and permeate subtly and cellularly. The benefits are enduring and grow from a glimpse of what is possible, to a moment, and then from a moment to a way of being.

I am always amazed by just how transformative one session can be. It is so uplifting that the ability to change and improve is absolutely beneficial and accessible. That we "can always improve upon the current situation, whatever the context" is such a gift in what I have learned from my most prominent and enduring teacher, Susi Hately of Functional Synergy.

By applying key therapeutic principles and allowing the body to Breathe, Feel, and Notice provides that space in which everything and anything can improve.

When we become aware of our holding patterns and pushing patterns, and provide ourselves with the space to spring up from the ashes from old physiological, mental patterns, and patterns of respiration that do not truly serve us-- transformation from what has been to what could be and is-- is truly available and attainable.

Natasha has always interpreted her role as that of a yogi-bee--pollinating and sharing the beautiful expression of Yoga throughout the community. She shares from a wealth of teaching styles, and provides a full Yoga experience wherever you are and wherever you are at. She has been a Yoga Teacher in her beloved community since Spring of 2005, and is currently enrolled in a year-long Therapeutic Yoga Certification Program.

Natasha expresses that, "It has been really lovely to watch the end of someone revolving in pain, tension, weakness, holding patterns, and witness the emergence of more space in folks. Having them source their strength, come into ease and experience less effort to be in their own skin-- to feel whole again is an attainable wonder to behold."

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Yogalaya ~ The Space to Be
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